Come Home

& Be

Eine Reise beginnt...

Your personal journey into your inner highness, your grace, is up to begin. Curious to find your inner & outer home? Welcome to ComeHome.Be - lets do this journey together. Are you ready? Please start the video.


More than wellness: Strengthening self-healing powers. Different body therapy techniques combined.

My background is training in osteopathy (Still Academy) and alternative practitioners (School for Naturopathy Oberhausen), trauma work, Tantra, Ayurveda, body dearmoring, pregnancy massage and fundamental preoccupation with anatomy.

During a massage, the body is the mediator to our emotions and feelings, the soul. Touch creates deep relaxation.

That is why it is so important to arrive at home, to feel at home in your own body. I summarize this with "ComeHome & Be". I work in Belgrade/Serbia as well as in Cancun/Mexico, and in Portugal at the Algarve.


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Testimonial by Marc

I believe a deep work of healing was opened up to me after the work you did with me. In short breath work began has continued and I began to see I needed healing around traumatic childhood experiences, shadow work. The fire was all part of this and started even having panic attacks after this for the first time in my life.

The great news is the panic past after I started to do Somatic Experiencing Therapy with a fantastic practitioner called Twig. The over all common thread was breath work, felling, allowing, gratitude and healing.

So this message is my way of reaching out with praise and thanks because the work you did with me showed me that I had to dig deeper and step into me healing.


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Von unserer Begegnung bin ich immer noch tief berührt und beseelt. Mir fließt das Herz über vor Dankbarkeit, wenn ich an Dich und unsere Begegnung denke. Mir fällt gerade niemand anderes ein, bei dem oder der es mir so leicht fällt, mich innerlich tief zu entspannen und vollkommen zu öffnen wie bei Dir.

"Begeistert. Unendlich begeistert. Eine magische Entdeckungsreise während der Schwangerschaft zu mir Selbst. Danke."

Larissa Brandes, 32, student from Bochum

Holistic Massage

I combine elements of the tantric path, ayurvedic medicine and body-dearmoring (or De-Armoring) according to Andrew Barnes into my own technique what i call ComeHome & Be - the CHB method.