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was born 10.10.1979 in Germany,

always made people laugh and happy. Deep thought. Loves Bach & Freak Waves.


Since i was a child i tried to make people laugh because i wanted them to be happy. Later in life i found out, that laughing alone brings not deep happiness.

Inspired by guys like Patch Adams and Till Eulenspiegel, but Helge Schneider and Louis de Funes and by children in their eternal way of playing instead of suffering life...So many people are isolated not just in Covid times. That, excuse my germanenglish please, makes me motivated enough to try to help others in this current situation.

I created my method of bringing people together, heart 2 heart through... humour. By opening up their hearts with theatre playing. By trusting in beeing improvisational. By freeing your inner child.

I worked for many years for televison and radio as a speaker, created once the german co-cuddle project MITKUSCHELZENTRALE, and lived in communites and ecovillages for the entire time since i could take not just responsibility for my own steps but making it a better place for others.

By performing and living art, theatre, impro and sometimes even a deep contact by eternal social laughing you can reconnect with your inner beeing, your long desired soul.


As my loved wife Janina does with her body therapy - i combine a variety of methods that seemed to me helpful for traumatized people.

I myself went over bad traumata by using those methods...might help you aswell. People say, i see a lot in their soul. Lets try that out.

Therapy through theatre playing as a faboulous way of get rid of your traumas. Like Familienaufstellung you can playwise identify and de-identify with your trauma origins, supported in a protected group process.

Shamanic medicine power & rituals that helped longer in history then modern school medicine. One serious aspect of it is the use of humour in any kind. Who says tribal people dont have fun. There IS and THAT one is even deeper.

Feel the natures power. Visit places that really make you feel again. Volcanos. High waves, the deserts stars...come home, feel and be.

Italy: +39-351-655 9979, UK:+44-749-7072355 
ComeHome. Be

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